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I am an owner of a Pizza Parlor,and was looking at an opportunity to expand my restaurant by taking over the vacant store next to me! My credit was not so good and my local bank said they could not help me! I then looked and stumbled upon LoansForSmallBusinesses.net which said they specialize in alternative funding. I spoke with Dan who was so welcoming like I was a family member, and after I told him my problems he asked me a few questions and smiled and said don’t worry! Ill get you the money! A short application, a few bank statements,and 4 days later I had the money in my business checking account! Thanks Dan! You are The Man! Sincerely, Patsy Carbone

Patsy Carbone


After being turned down by the big banks several times I called LoansForSmallBusinesses.net and spoke to a very nice lady named Liz. I told her I wanted to open up a second location and was unable to get a bank loan. My credit was 500, but because my bar did 100,000 a month in business thru credit card sales, they were able to give me 100,000 for use to open up my second location. She explained how the lender gets paid back daily, and what the payback was for the loan.The paper work was very easy and light! I had an approval that same day! Liz was so  nice and made the whole process a breeze! Call these guys! They will get you the money! Thanks! Tim

Tim Morehead


I own and operate Lou’s Dry Cleaners. My dry cleaning machines were giving me trouble for sometime and finally they took a crap and I was unable to get the job done! I went to my local bank and they said they could help but between the paperwork, financials, and the amount of time that it would take to get the money, and that’s if I was to be approved wasn’t an option for me. I needed the machines now. I looked online and saw LoansForSmallBusinesses.net and they offered business loans for equipment. I spoke with Danny a nice lady who had me fill out a simple one page application and had me supply 3 recent bank statements. In 24 hours I was approved and got my machines the next day! I’m in shock how fast and easy this process was! Thanks Danny! Lou-The Dry Cleaner!

Lou Cerignola

Owner, Lou's Dry Cleaner

I am a local gym owner that was having cash flow problems certain times of the year due to my area being seasonal. The banks wouldn’t help at all! Made several other calls and finally I landed on LoansForSmallBusinesses.net, I called them on the phone,told them my business history and the problems that I was having. Danny the gentleman that I was speaking with asked me several questions,when I told him my credit was 780 he said I can get you a personal loan with no problem easier than a business loan! I didn’t ask why,and a few days later I received my check! Problem solved! Thanks Danny!

Nicky Jones


I’ve been in the restaurant business 20 years only 3 times I ran into a shortage of funds. My credit was terrible. I called Danny from LoansForSmallBusinesses.net those 3 times and he came thru with the money each time! He had a program that overlooks a business owners credit and focuses more on the strength of the business instead! Folks this guy is good at what he does! Forget the banks! Call Danny today! Bobby The Greek!

Bobby Orfanos


I’ve been in the auto body and fender business for 30 years! Been very successful up until the last couple of years. A lot of new and modern shops (my competition popped up and been taking away my business! I wanted money to get new equipment,new website,and a budget for advertising so I could fight and compete for business! My bank that I’ve done business with for 30 years was uninterested in helping me. Tried other banks and got the same response. I saw an ad for Loans for small businesses and spoke to Danny. He asked a bunch of questions,made some calls in front of me and found a lender who would lend me money for my business using my equipment in the shop as collateral! Danny went beyond and above to get me this money,and I will forever be thankful as it saved my business! Thank You Danny! Sincerely,Michael Osbourne

Michael Osbourne