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Loans for Small Businesses and it’s affiliated partners have been providing business loans for over 12 years throughout the United States. We help our clients get the largest loans at the best rates!

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Business Lines of Credit

One of the greatest benefits of a small business line of credit is that you can borrow up to a certain amount of money but only pay interest on the actual funds borrowed. You then have the ability to draw on the credit line only when you need it and repay the funds based on your budget. These very flexible loans are one of the most popular ways to get a loan for your small business as it gives the business access to funds without forcing them to incur interests until the funds are actually used

Small Business Loans

Although we do loans for all types of businesses we specialize in obtaining loans for small businesses across 134 different niches throughout all 50 states. Small business is defined as a business with 50 or fewer employees. Our small business loans provide you with a lump sum payment that is paid back with regular payments over a fixed period of time.

Merchant Cash Advance

The easy to qualify and very popular form of financing that can provide a business with a lump sum of capital in exchange for a small percentage of future credit card sales. Our merchant cash advance loans do not require you to change how you run your business today. You will not have to change merchant processors to do business with us. Our merchant loans are some of the most competitive in the business.

Equipment Loans

One of the biggest expenses in a business is the initial cost and upkeep of various equipment that the business needs in order to be efficient and profitable. We offer businesses in just about any niche in all 50 states the ability to obtain equipment loans.

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  • Did you know that 20% new businesses fail within their first year and within 5 years almost 50% of businesses fail.
  • How about 15 years? In 15 years over 75% of businesses will permanently close down.
  • According to the Small Business Administration the 2 main reasons businesses fail is either bad management or lack of funding.
  • It has been researched and found that over 89% of businesses rely on some sort of credit and financing in order to stay in business.
  • Almost 90% of business loan applicants are denied funding when applying for a loan at a national bank.
  • Due mostly in part to the high denial rate over 75% of businesses go to friends and family when they need money for their small business.
  • A substantial portion of these people will also use their personal credit and personal assets to try to keep their business afloat.
  • In recent years the amount of funding earmarked to the SBA decreased by over 100 million.
  • Basically speaking……Getting money from a big bank for your business is no longer a viable option.

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Just Not Where you Expect It.

According to the Department of Revenue only about 1% of business loans and business financing originates using conventional bank SBA loans. The remaining 99% come from alternative lenders.



Business Funding From A Traditional Bank Loan

In order to get approved for a traditional bank loan your personal, business, and bank credit must be near perfect, You must not only supply but also be able to show very good current and projected numbers using audited financials, tax returns, bank statements, resumes, business plans, background checks and in most cases some sort of collateral.


The Real Truth About Small Business Financing

Almost $8 billion dollars will be lent to small businesses over the next year, however most of the money will not originate with the big banks. the real problem isn’t the lack of available credit or money. The problem is that business owners rarely know where or how to get a small business loan. Luckily We Do, Take a minute to fill out our Quicky Prequalification Form and let us show you how much money we can get you and your business

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